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Think Like a Futurist

Chris Campbell

Posted October 08, 2021

Chris Campbell

How do you become smart enough to predict the future?

That’s what James asked George Gilder.

We introduced George yesterday -- he’s an 82 year old super futurist who runs 10 miles on a lazy Sunday.

You’d be forgiven for being skeptical of futurists.

I've personally seen enough forecasts and predictions go cockeyed. I tend to tune them out.

But Gilder’s an exception.

His track record is undeniable. He’s been predicting the future for decades.

In his 1990 book Life After Television, Gilder said, “The computer of the future will be as portable as your watch, as personal as your wallet, it will recognize speech, it will navigate streets, collect your mail and your news.”

(In 1991, Steve Jobs read this book and recommended it to his friends.)

George revealed three ways to think like a futurist.

A.] be a comprehensivist: George has written 19 books on a bunch of different topics: sex, poverty, weallth, politics, blockchain. He’s never pigeonholed himself. Buckminster Fuller (another brilliant futurist) said geniuses are comprehensivist and that humans are born comprehensivist. We are born for genius. Specialization and compartmentalization dulls that inherent superpower. But you can get it back by embracing the new.

B.] reach out to big brains: People love to talk about their passions -- especially the really smart people. You’d be surprised who you can get to chat with you on your tiny podcast, blog, or in your book. That’s given Gilder an edge: “Most of the key figures in technology don’t write,” he said. “And if they do write, it’s relatively meager technical documents.”

C.] find teachers: There are two types of teachers: real or virtual. George studied with Carver Mead, the researcher for Gordon Moore. They did the research for Moore’s law (which basically suggests that computing power doubles every two years). Today, you can find teachers in books and podcasts. Anyone can be your teacher.

But here’s the easiest way to begin:

Allow James, George and a few others to teach you.

Six Futurists, One Stage

Yesterday, we told you all about our upcoming event -- the Six Predictions Summit.

During this event, six of our top experts will share their biggest predictions yet.

James Altucher… George Gilder… Jim Rickards… Ray Blanco… Zach Scheidt… Alan Knuckman…

They’ll be talking about what’s around the corner in biotech, crypto, commodities, inflation, deflation… and where to park your money to keep it safe.

Best part? It won’t cost you one red cent.

And… don’t tell anyone I told you this... you could win a bottle of Tesla Tequila.

Tesla Tequila

There’s One Catch

As revealed yesterday, due to a recent Maryland mandate we aren’t able to gather in person this year.

So today, for a limited time only…

As an Altucher Confidential subscriber, you can register to attend this virtual event FREE of charge.


You have to hurry.

Spots are getting tight. (Anything past 10,000 participants gets wonky on Zoom.)

So time to decide…

Will you join us on October 14th?

[Click Here to join The Summit VIP Facebook Group]*

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
For Altucher Confidential

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