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The Easy Path to Oblivion

Chris Campbell

Posted October 12, 2021

Chris Campbell

Long ago, a small Samoan tribe mastered the art of building beautiful canoes.

They could even build one or two in a day.

Soon enough, they had an embarrassment of riches -- hundreds of sturdy canoes.

This meant they didn’t need to build any more for years, maybe even decades. So they focused all of their efforts on catching and selling fish.

Over time, however, they forgot how to make canoes. They forgot the very thing that made them prosperous.

When Margaret Mead found them, they were sitting on the beach, gloomy, dejected, and canoeless. They’d lost the wisdom of their ancestors. For that, they risked going extinct. Without canoes, they could not feed their people.

Our colleague George Gilder often tells this story. He says America -- and the world -- risks falling into this same amnesia.

The tribe’s most precious resource was their ancient trade. “The most precious resource in the world economy,” says Gilder, “is human genius.”

We have forgotten that simple fact. And yet, despite the best efforts of those in power, the worm is turning… and your opportunities to make life-changing wealth are growing.

More on that in a moment.

First, a quick reminder…



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Back to George.


“We’ve forgotten,” Gilder said in an interview with Forbes, “the real entrepreneurial sources of creativity and progress.”

As a result…

Governments have forgotten that money itself doesn’t equal wealth, so they keep pumping out free money thinking they are creating wealth.

As a result…

Wall Street has become a multi-trillion dollar carnival which, in the end “doesn’t even yield stable currencies.”


Silicon Valley has become a quasi-religious movement that believes all kinds of weird and dystopian things about the future.

“You know,” said Gilder, “those bizarre, speculative fantasies that you hear very solemn, professorial figures espouse. It’s an amazing phenomenon of our time. Silicon Valley should stop trying to obsolete human beings and figure out how to make them more productive again.”

How? By routing around the bloated middlemen and fragile centralized entities with distributed ledger technology -- or blockchain.

“The blockchain field,” says Gilder, “is an amazing efflorescence of creativity, entirely comparable to the dot-com eruption of the 1990s. It will similarly have a lot of losers, seminal losers like Netscape, as well as obscure, prospective giants like Amazon and Google.”

The problem, of course, is how to pick out the winners from the thousands of losers.

The Solution

This Thursday, October 14th, Gilder will reveal his best wealth-growing strategy in one live event.

Even better, a whole slew of our experts will do the same.

James Altucher… George Gilder… Jim Rickards… Ray Blanco… Zach Scheidt… Alan Knuckman…

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Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
For Altucher Confidential

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