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How to Write a Book in a Weekend

Chris Campbell

Posted April 08, 2021

Chris Campbell

--There are hundreds of articles and videos online on “How to Read a Book a Day”.

It’s the go-to subject of any budding “lifestyle guru”.

Apparently, it’s also an incredibly popular idea.

Just one video on Youtube promising to help you read a book a day (to “CHANGE YOUR LIFE”) has almost 2 million views.

LFT How To Read

What the gurus should say is, “How to Skim a Book a Day”.

The advice typically boils down to stuff like:

1.] Skim, skim, skim
2.] Read only the chapters that interest you
3.] Read the first three lines and the last three lines of each chapter and decide if it’s worth your time (??)
4.] Speed read by looking at only the most important words (????!)

What they’re also “saying without saying” is…

Reading most books cover to cover is not worth the time.

Agree or disagree, this idea clearly resonates with a lot of people. (Which is why gurus keep recycling it.)

Most people just want the big picture and the actionable steps.

They want the meat.

And they don’t want to feel bad about not reading the whole book.

On the flipside…

Most authors (and all major publishers) feel like a “book” needs to be at least 150 pages…

Often, this means they add things they don’t need.

Therein lies the disconnect… and an opportunity.

Increasingly, the definition of a “book” is changing. Small books are on the rise.

And, if we also consider the rise (and maturation) of self-publishing and automation?

It’s now possible for anyone to write, publish, and sell books… and do so faster than ever.

Which is why, today, we’re going to show you the fastest, easiest way to write a book in a weekend.

(Note: Don’t think you have anything to write about? Wrong! Chances are, you simply suffer from the dreadful “curse of knowledge.” Like most people, you do have unique knowledge that others want. You do have a unique perspective that would crack minds and hearts wide open. You do have unique solutions. Problem is, oftentimes, it only seems mundane to you. More on that, though, in a moment.)

Small is the New Big

First of all, the idea that books must be over 150 (or so) pages is a relic.

It’s a demand passed down from legacy publishers. They have a rigid idea about what constitutes a “book.”

Even so, more and more people are opting for smaller books that get to the point.

And the market is rapidly adapting.

Look on Amazon.

There are hundreds of people who’ve made an entire career out of summarizing popular books and selling these summaries on Amazon.

Pegan Diet

You can easily read them in less than an hour.

And the books are so short, most of them are probably written in as little as a weekend.

The Big Power of Small Books

Point is, big ideas don’t require big books.

And many people prefer to read shorter books.

After all…

They just want you to tell them what they want to know.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

With self-publishing, a book can be as little as 20 pages.

Books can be a way to quickly share a simple solution to a BIG problem.

Furthermore, for the entrepreneurial-minded, small books can be a good way to test ideas quickly in the marketplace.

And, if the idea is a hit? You can run with it. Build a list. Write a series. You could even flip it into a business.

Best part? Once your book (of any size) is published, you can officially call yourself an author.

But, I get it.

“I Can’t Just Write a Book!”

It’s not just the writing that’s intimidating.

It’s the editing. It’s the formatting. It’s the publishing. It’s the marketing.

It’s everything.

But, again, the times are changing.

These days, you can automate the vast majority of this stuff when putting together a book.

Today, there are tools that do these things automatically as you write your book:

- Edit as you go.
- Format as you go.

- Create your book cover in 15 minutes.
- Publish in just a few clicks.

In his latest book, How to Write a Book in a Weekend, James Altucher gives you all of the (FREE) tools you need from start to finish…

Even if you THINK you don’t have a good enough idea.

(Yes, he wrote it in a weekend.)

How To Write A Book In A Weekend

But you won’t find this book on Amazon. And your local bookstore can’t order it for you.

You can only find this book on this page.

And it’s only a small part of a much bigger project that helps you go from NO IDEA to BOOK in 30 days (or less).

Click here for all of the details.

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

P.S. Got something to say? Say it! Email us here.

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