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Chris Campbell

Posted October 23, 2020

Chris Campbell

“Lockdown policies have closed schools, businesses and churches, while not enforcing strict protocols to protect high-risk nursing home residents. University closures and the economic displacement caused by lockdowns have led millions of young adults to live with older parents, increasing regular close interactions across generations.”
-Martin Kulldorf (Harvard), Sunetra Gupta (Oxford), Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford)

--“It falls to us,” Sir Desmond Swayne, a British MP, said this week to the Parliament in an impassioned speech, “to decide whether the price is worth paying in terms of the misery and unemployment it generates.”

Swayne is the latest politician standing up to the madness of our Lockstep Lockdownism around the world. We’ll get to his full, fiery “herd stupidity” speech in a moment.

First, to Desmond’s point, it’s evident our least-wasted crisis in history (which only gets wastier) has caused many to forget about those who have to grow up in the unprecedented messes we’ve created and continue to create. That what we do today will have long-standing, cascading effects on future generations.

Unfortunately, key decision makers have decided, in some strange fit of collective madness, it seems (but that’s not the whole story!), to sell them all out completely in one fell swoop -- financially, physically, civilly, and psychologically -- all for a false semblance of security and safety. Worse, those least at risk -- those in college, for example -- are often some of the most imprisoned. (More on that tomorrow.)

How many among us have recognized the obvious truth, as told by an eccentric Bostonian in the 1700s; when we give up liberty for safety, we deserve neither... and stand to lose both. As independent watchdog organization Freedom House put it (to apparently much controversy on Twitter): “You don’t need dictatorship to fight COVID-19. It is useful only for oppression.”

Consider, earlier this year, a man in Maryland was sentenced to a year in jail for throwing two parties at his home. (The second party, which was apparently the proverbial straw which broke the camel’s back, was an outdoor bonfire!) He didn’t break any laws, mind you, he violated an executive order laid out by the governor, who could’ve just rolled out of bed in his mansion one day and wrote it up. There’s a clear reason why laws are very hard to pass in the United States. Because if they were easy, we would be ruled willy-nilly by, say… “governor-kings.” Which is what’s happening right before our eyes, and under the guise of saving lives.

(You know things are going downhill when officials in New Jersey posted a form on its website to make it easy to turn your neighbors in to the authorities. In late March, moreover, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said that ‘snitches’ in his city would ‘get rewards.’”)

“America,” Cheryl K. Chumley, a lonely voice of sanity in a chorus of the insane, writes in the Washington Times, “is not a kingdom but rather a system of limited government where rule of law, meaning, the Constitution, guides—not mob mentality, or worse, fear—and public servants are just that: beholden to the citizenry.”

Just so we’re clear…

Orders are not laws. Emergency declarations do not put the Constitution on hold.


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Such orders “should be challenged by the people,” says Chumley. “They should be held to constitutional muster.”

What precedent will all of this set for future generations to come, after all, when police forces around the country happily accept (and use on their own citizens!) surveillance drones from China? And, no less, from a Chinese company accused in the past by the Department of Homeland Security of spying on critical U.S. infrastructure. This also under the guise of “saving lives”!

But, again, this is not only a domestic issue. Panning back across the pond: “A generation,” Sir Desmond Swayne went on, “marred in their life chances, and not to mention the mind-boggling borrowing we will have to repay which will diminish proper investment in public services and industry. All that, and for what? The Secretary of State has told us this week that the average number of deaths is consistent with the long term average for this time of year!”

And, as he goes on, riffing, Desmond gets louder and angrier:

“Sixteen hundred people die every day! But COVID is by no means chief amongst their killers. And it’s no good to say that ‘Well every other jurisdiction is following basically the same policy.’ That would strike me as herd stupidity! And speaking of herds. I understand that a number of ministers have questioned the existence of herd immunity. Which is odd! Given that a successful vaccine program relies on herd immunity. And that is the basket in which the government has placed all its eggs.

“Throw into this mix… the fact that we appear to be determined to claim every possible death as a COVID death, as if we were in some sort of international league in competition. Add into it, the failure to be absolutely upfront about the limitations of the PCR test as a means of tracking the disease. Add into that mix the way we use large numbers to terrify people! We’ve been told that intensive care units are at 80% of capacity. Of course at this time of year, that is exactly what you would expect them to have! No wonder our constituents are writing to us with ever greater conspiracy theories! Because our actions defy rational explanation!”

The tables have been flipped over completely.

That said, you’d be forgiven, also to Desmond’s point, for being half-tempted to treat anyone who isn’t at least a fledgling conspiracy theorist with slight suspicion.

How could you not!?

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

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