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Altucher’s ‘Perfect Investment Strategy’

James Altucher

Posted October 13, 2021

James Altucher

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In 1965, a young Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel (valued at about $3 million at the time), made a rule that became “Moore’s Law.”

He said (paraphrasing here) computer power would basically double about every two years.

Remarkably, 56 years later, he’s still spot on.


Moore's Law

As a result, we see crazy growth happening in all kinds of industries.

For example, in 2000, the first human genome sequence cost between $500M & $1B.

In 2006, the cost was $20M

Today, the cost is around $600.


So how do you make money on this?

So let’s just say 98 out of 100 of them went bankrupt. Only Microsoft and Intel survived. (More than that survived, but this is an extreme example.)

Out of your $100,000 invested… $98,000 vanished. Only $2,000 of $100,000 survived.

Pretty awful, eh?

“Wrong!” says James.

“If you had done this strategy, you would have $3,500,000 today. In fact, you would have a lot more because many more than just two companies survived. But again, I use this as an extreme.”

Point is, if you invest now in an exponentially growing industry, even if you invest small amounts, you could make an ENORMOUS amount of money.

This is no joke.

And that’s what our Six Predictions Summit is all about. Finding the hottest growth opportunities on the planet… while also learning how to protect your money from shocks.

Crypto, biotech, retirement, commodities, opportunities, crisis…

It’s all there.

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Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
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