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Welcome to your FREE daily dose of independent thinking, self-sufficiency, and action.


Have you ever felt that “something’s wrong here”? 

That you’re being lied to? Tricked? Left in the dark? Deceived?

Have you given up on the mainstream media?

Lost all trust in career politicians?

Have no faith in the funny munny fiat system?

No, you’re not crazy!

In your FREE daily episodes of Laissez Faire Today, you’ll discover how to bust through the fake news... dislodge Big Gub’s flaps, traps, and spies... protect yourself from the funny munny wizards… transcend the sick care system… 

And, to boot, gain more freedom, prosperity, health than perhaps you think possible. 

From raucous trips to Thailand... dodging boulders in Guatemala… goat farming in Ohio… to drinking “Quarantinis” in the Blue Ridge Mountains… SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED!

Whatever happens, one thing’s for certain…

You won’t be bored!