NEWPosted October 23, 2020

By Chris Campbell

The least-wasted crisis in history just gets wastier and more nonsensical…

NFL Reveals How We Should Be Testing For COVID-19

Posted October 08, 2020

By Chris Campbell

The NFL is the only institution relying completely on science. Why? It’s simple. Skin in the game!

The Great Barrington Declaration: Common-Sense or “Psychopathic”?

Posted October 07, 2020

By Chris Campbell

Is the worm beginning to turn? Or will the GBD get shot down?

The Philippines Proves the Obvious: Tyranny Doesn’t Save Lives

Posted October 06, 2020

By Chris Campbell

When you trade liberty for security, you get neither…

Anatomy of Propaganda: "There is No Getting Back to Normal"

Posted October 01, 2020

By Chris Campbell

Three ways to fight back against the fear mongers…

2nd Wave Shutdown: “The Science is Settled”

Posted September 30, 2020

By Chris Campbell

“The science is settled!” the man screeches at a provocatively maskless woman…

Make Civil Disobedience Great Again

Posted September 29, 2020

By Chris Campbell

Disobey in the only way (((they))) don’t want you to…

2nd Wave Shutdown? Ask Your Local Health Officials These Eight Questions

Posted September 28, 2020

By Chris Campbell

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an independent journalist, there’s no better time than now.

Tyranny Down Under: Australia a Shining Example of What to Avoid at All Costs

Posted September 26, 2020

By Chris Campbell

#LockDownUnder is an appropriate approach for United States, says CNN…

2nd Wave: Mutant Ninja Virus (D614G) and Skyrocketing “Cases”!

Posted September 25, 2020

By Chris Campbell

Just when you thought things were going to be OK… the fear mongers ruin your day.